Winchester Quarterly Meeting

Oct. 17, 2010

6:00 PM

Unveiling of Indiana Historical Marker honoring

Randolph County Quakers

in front of the Meetinghouse






Comments from Ron Ferguson

(Taken from Sunday morning worship)

Unveiling of Indiana Historical Marker by

Walter Mills, from Winchester Friends, past QM Clerk

Deborah Thornburg, as Winchester Quarterly Meeting Clerk

Greg Hinshaw as Indiana Yearly Meeting Clerk





text of marker

Randolph County Quakers

When this meeting house was dedicated 1898, membership in Quarterly Meeting of Friends at Winchester was largest in the world. Migration of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) into this area began 1814 with the arrival of families from southern states seeking good farm land; population grew and significantly influenced development of the county. Men and women participated in humanitarian and social reforms including temperance, woman suffrage, and education for American Indians and blacks. Area Quakers protested slavery and assisted nearby black settlements; county was one of only four that voted against adoption of Article XIII, 1851 Indiana Constitution, prohibiting blacks from entering the state.


                              6:15 PM Program                          

Prayer – Deb Thornburg

Choir “Come Let Us Sing”



 O Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord

O come, let us sing to the Lord.  O come, let us sing to the rock of our salvation.  Come, let us sing and make a joyful noise, a song of grateful praise!

O come let us sing to the Lord.  O come let us shout and resound with jubilation. Come, let us sing.  Come, let us sing. Come, let us sing to the Lord.  Sing to the Lord.  Come, let us sing, sing unto the Lord.

Come, let us kneel before our Maker, Come, let us bow before the Lord, for God is worthy of our praise.  We are His people; He is our God and we are in His care.  Come, let us sing, let us sing to God.  Come, let us sing to the Lord......

--based on Psalm 95; David Angerman, Joseph M. Martin  (CCLI 649965)


Welcome & Comments - Deb Thornburg, Clerk of WQM

Congregation Hymn # 292 God of Grace and God of Glory

Comments on Marker and introduction of Greg Hinshaw- Pam Ferguson


6:15 PM Program

“The Quaker Influence on Randolph County”

By Greg Hinshaw,

Historian and Clerk of Indiana Yearly Meeting

Comments from Jonathan Edwards from Central Yearly Meeting


Comments from Doug Shoemaker, Superintendent of IN Yearly Meeting

Prayer – Doug Shoemaker

(Doug and Kris above during the fellowship time.)


7:00 PM Brief Quarterly Meeting for Business






Sugar Cream Pie      

  Apple Dumplings        


Apple Cider     

Cheese and crackers/cookies





Other Photos......taken by Andrea Long and Terry Reynard

Pam Ferguson with Walter Mills on Oct. 18, 2010