Weekly Bulletin


Winchester Friends Church
Food Pantry Sunday           July 21, 2019            9:15 AM    

Jesus echoed and intensified the prophets’ message that a new world order was possible and was coming….. They spoke of a day when lions would lie down with lambs (an image of social transformation, when violent, lionlike people with power would no longer oppress the vulnerable ones….)  They described a time when swords and spears would be melted down and recast as farm implements, when nations would not “learn war any more” (Isaiah 2:4, 11:6ff) ….A new day is coming — a new earth, a new reality, a new realm — in short, a new kingdom….  In that new era, what will count is in the heart, not merely what is projected, pretended, or professed…. In that new kingdom, justice and integrity and peace will overcome…. The scandal is not just that Jesus speaks of the new kingdom, but that He says the kingdom is at hand, available to be grasped, knocking at the door — not just someday in the future, but here and now!
–adapted from Brian McLaren, The Secret Message of Jesus
Meeting for Worship
Thank you for turning off cell phones before the service begins.
Prelude                                                                                                                                         Mary Clark
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements                                                                       Pam Ferguson
Call to Worship                                                                                                                                               
Hymn #275                                                     How Firm a Foundation                                     Brian Lilly
Hymn #500                                                    Wonderful Peace                                              Brian Lilly   
Offertory Prayer                                                                                                                  Pam Ferguson
Offertory                                                                                                                                     Mary Clark
Testimonies of Praise, Concerns for Prayer                                                                                            

Unprogrammed Worship  — Friends stress that all sincere followers of Jesus, not only pastors, are ministers through whom God may choose to speak as they center their attention on Christ, listen to the Spirit, and obey.  If God leads you to speak out of the silence,  please request a microphone so all can hear your ministry.
Message                                                   Isaiah 30:15-18                                              Ron Ferguson   
Hymn #493                                                It Is Well with My Soul                                            Brian Lilly
Closing Prayer                                                                                                                                               
Postlude                                                                                                                                    Mary Clark
after a brief time of fellowship, please join us today for
Sunday School               10:30 AM
Everyone’s welcome for study of the scriptures together —  come join us!
Trustees  in the library    11:15 AM
Missions & Social Concerns Committee      11:15 AM
in the William Penn Room in the annex
JULY USHERS:  John Edwards, Dave Longnecker, Ellene Kritsch
JULY GREETERS:  Ellene Kritsch, Rob & Val Pearson

July 22 – 28

Isaiah 46-66