Weekly Bulletin


Winchester Friends Church
Welcome, Friends!                October 14, 2018                 9:15 AM
Early Friends were admonished by their testimony of simplicity to shun ornamentation in their personal dress, grooming, and furnishing of their houses…. That testimony today addresses modern undisciplined lifestyles, suggesting instead a manner and standard of living that avoids superfluity, excess, and appetites that undermine both health and a life of holy obedience…. It does not necessarily mean a life of voluntary poverty, but it does mean that we become good stewards of all we have, and become sensitive to the needs of others…. Simplicity applies as well to our use of time and the simplification of schedules — our priorities, and how we arrange them….  It means uncomplicating our overscheduled and overburdened lives.  It means having a clear sense of what is most important, and learning how to leave aside the “excess baggage” — those things that detract from and clutter up our lives.  In short, the testimony of simplicity calls for a reordering of our lives so that we become spiritually centered and focused.
–adapted from former ESR dean Wilmer Cooper, A Living Faith
….there is a deeper, an internal simplification of the whole of one’s personality, stilled, tranquil,
in childlike trust listening ever to Eternity’s whisper, walking with a smile into the dark.
–Thomas Kelly
Meeting for Worship
Prelude                                                                                                                                 Judy Kendall
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements                                                                         Shirley Ertel
Call to Worship                                                                                                                                            
Hymn  # 11                                               My Tribute                                                              Brian Lilly
Hymnbook Choir                                  Sunshine in My Soul                        Brian Lilly, Judy Kendall
                                                   Please follow the lyrics at hymnal #499.

Hymn  #455                          Come All Christians, Be Committed                                      Brian Lilly

Offertory Prayer                                                                                                                  Shirley Ertel
Offertory                                                                                                                            Judy Kendall

Testimonies of Praise, Concerns for Prayer                                                                                       
Hymn #378                                               Only One Life                                                     Brian Lilly
Message                                              Matthew 6:24                                                 Ron Ferguson
                                                 Friends’ testimony of simplicity
Unprogrammed Worship  —  17th century Friends taught that “Jesus has come to teach His people Himself,” and they made that truth the centerpiece of their lives by spending significant periods of time, individually and in gatherings for worship, to listen to their Inward Teacher and obey what they heard.  If God leads you to speak out of the silence, please request a microphone so all can hear your ministry.
Closing Prayer                                                                                                                                 
Postlude                                                                                                                     Judy Kendall
following a brief time of fellowship, please join us today for
Sunday School        10:30 AM
There is a class waiting to welcome you each Sunday for study of the Scriptures!
OCTOBER USHERS:  Ben Kritsch, David Longnecker, John Edwards
OCTOBER GREETERS: Sheryl Fidler, Rachael Wilson, Kay Mendenhall, Bettye  Monks
October 15 – 21
Matthew 1-25