What’s Happening

Monday September 23       
–Ministry & Oversight, 7:00 PM @ parsonage
Tuesday September 24        
–USFW Fall Conference @ Kokomo
Wednesday September 25   
–Bread for the World/Fast Once A Month, 12:00 Noon

Intercession Salad supper, 6:00 PM @ parsonage

–Choir and friends Ring & Sing practice, 7:00 PM
Saturday September 28        
–Apple dumpling assembly workday, 1:00 PM
Sunday September 29    
–Regular schedule for worship and Sunday School

 –Visitation Evening, 6:00 PM


WHAT?  NO BALLOONS?!  For the first time since 2001, the Ministry & Oversight decided not to release Peace Prayer balloons today, due to rising global concern over plastics littering the environment that risk harm to animals and humans, boats, and farm equipment.  Part of serious discipleship and a credible peace testimony is choosing not to harm God’s creation and creatures.  As an alternative means of delivery, please carry the Peace Prayer Card (in today’s bulletin) home, put your name on it, and think about a strategic place you could leave it as you travel around living life, in hopes that someone who needs its message will pick it up, read it, and pass it on to others. 
BOOK CROSSING:  A second method for distributing our Peace Prayer Cards is being tried for the first time at this year’s Friendship Sunday.  The money previously spent on helium and balloons has been spent instead on at least eight different books with a clear peace message.  Inside their covers is a copy of the Peace Prayer and information about Winchester Friends, and also a special numbered bookplate provided by BookCrossing.com that has registered that book in our name on its website.  Friends are invited to take one of the books, read it, then leave it in a thoughtful place where another reader will find it.  The bookplate asks the finder to go online to report where and when they found the book (enabling us to track its journey), then read the book before leaving it in another appropriate place for someone else to find. 
COME RING & SING WITH THE CHOIR:  This Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the choir room in the annex basement, all Friends are invited to come gain some new musical skills by playing the choir chimes.  Everyone’s welcome!
APPLE DUMPLING WORKDAY NEXT SATURDAY:  All Friends are invited on September 28 from 1-3 PM to help the USFW to assemble 1000+ apple dumplings to be sold during Winchester’s Mardi Gras fall festival from October 2-5.  There is a sign-up sheet in the meetinghouse parlor for volunteers to help staff the kitchen and booth during Mardi Gras.
RUMMAGE SALE THANKS to everyone who donated items to be sold and who contributed money for items purchased at the September 15 fundraiser for Friends’ outreach in Jamaica.  After some very generous follow-up donations, the sale has gathered over $800 for Jamaica Yearly Meeting’s work!
SUNDAY MORNING GREETERS:  Please sign the sheet in the parlor to volunteer for an upcoming month to serve as a Sunday morning greeter.  Thank you to everyone who has helped with this important ministry!

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