What’s Happening


THIS WEEK (Fifty-Eight)+ of pandemic restrictions

WEDNESDAY April 21   
Prayer Soup supper, 5:30 PM @ parsonage
–Welcome Class Bible study, 7:00 PM by Zoom
 –Chiming choir practice, 7:00 PM in church dining hall 

THURSDAY April 22       Earth Day

SUNDAY April 25 

Meeting for Worship-Sharing, 10:00 AM, both in person at the meetinghouse and online via Zoom

MONDAY April 26     
–Ministry & Oversight, 7:00 PM by Zoom
TODAY IS APRIL’s COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY SUNDAY at Winchester Friends when everyone is encouraged to donate a staple food item to help area families who struggle to afford adequate nutrition.  If you forgot but would like to contribute, you may drop a dollar or two into the Quaker Oats tin on the southwest parlor table.
TRUSTEES WILL MEET this (Sunday) afternoon at 3:30 PM, online by Zoom.  The MISSIONS & SOCIAL CONCERNS COMMITTEE also will meet today by Zoom at 4:30 PM.
EASTER MISSIONS OFFERING, MEMORIAL “FLOWERS”:  Over $530 has been received in special Easter contributions to support local and global benevolent outreach in Jesus’ name.  The first $500 of those donations has been matched with a Best Special Projects grant.  This special offering will be totaled after today’s service.  In addition, Friends who would have contributed $7 to provide a memorial chrysanthemum to decorate the sanctuary for Easter have been invited instead to give the $7 (and the names in whose memory it is donated) to the Easter Missions Offering.  The list of memorials hopefully will be printed for next Sunday April 25.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far!
WELCOME CLASS BIBLE STUDY:  The Welcome Class will study Lesson 7 “The Power of Queens” (drawn from I Kings 1:11-21 and 21:5-16) in the Illuminate quarterly this coming Wednesday April 21 at 7:00 PM by Zoom.
READ THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 2021:  This week’s chapters are Psalms 25-45.
PANDEMIC GATHERING:  For Friends’ health and safety, combined in-person and online Meetings for Worship-Sharing (utilizing Zoom video/phone conferencing) will be held at 10:00 AM each Sunday until further notice.  In case of increased COVID-19 cases, M&O may at any time instruct returning to online-only Sunday services.  Those gathering in person should arrive no earlier than 9:30 AM, and practice hand sanitizing, facemask wearing, and physical distancing to help prevent COVID infection.  If you would like a link, please email <winchesterfriends@juno.com> 
Winchester Friends Church        winchesterfriends@juno.com
124 E Washington     Winchester IN 47394     765-584-8276